AskJanaLeigh: My Wife’s Friend Propositioned Me

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I’m back with a juicy letter! Once again, this letter is from Slate magazine. You can find the letter here:

The letter states:

My wife’s friend solicited me, saying that my wife told her we had an open marriage, which was news to me. I declined. Now I’m wondering whether my wife actually said that, and if so, in what context. I’m contemplating confronting my wife and this woman when they are together, which seems like the best way to get at the truth. Is that a good plan, or should I talk to my wife alone and hope that she is truthful?

I told you it was juicy.

Dear, LW:

I know from experience how messy friends can be. However, you are not married to the friend. You should definitely sit down with your wife and tell her what happened. Don’t come at her from a confrontational stand point. Just sit her down and talk to her. No accusations. My guess is that the friend was just seeing what you would do. Maybe the wife sent her to test you. Maybe the friend is after you. Both ideas are very immature.

At this point, we just don’t know the reason behind why the friend propositioned you. Thankfully, you turned her down. That would’ve been an even bigger mess to clean up.

Definitely talk to your wife as soon as possible. If you wait, she’s gonna think you were actually considering it. If she did say this, you two might need counseling. That is something that should have been discussed during the dating stage, not after marriage. You seem like a mature man, and I hope this can be straightened out.

Good luck to you.

~ Jana Leigh

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