Hello, Beauties!

First off, I know I said, or implied, that I would review this season of The Bachelor. However, I’m beginning to see a familiar pattern with Peter. It’s the same pattern all of the other bachelors displayed. I’ve watched all the current episodes of this season, and I’m disappointed with Peter (and ABC). This has been one of the most diverse groups of women that I’ve seen on The Bachelor, which is saying something. Yet, he doesn’t take advantage of this.

Considering his “Cuban” background, I thought he would be more open to dating women of color. He’s not. He has yet to take any woman of color on a one on one date. When you watch the show, he’s always kissing and coddling the white women, getting caught up in their petty drama. So why even keep the Black women around? Why lead them on? Why do that to them on national T.V.? To be honest, I find the Black women more real and interesting than the white women. But… I’m not Peter. This is about what he likes.

Which brings me back to my point. After this post, I will not be reviewing The Bachelor this season. The women of color are basically tokens, who will be eliminated one by one. I’m not here for that.

**side note** Last week, he got rid of Alexa. She was gorgeous! Her curly afro and sexy confidence was everything. I was dying to know more about her, but, you know. The Bachelor is about finding that perfect white woman, I guess. **shrugs**

Anyway, to all of my Black Queens around the world… you are beautiful, vibrant, and worthy of love no matter what is displayed on T.V. Hold your head high and keep moving forward.

Much love,

~Jana Leigh