I have to say that I love this channel on YouTube. Some of the skits on there are hilarious. I like Urban Therapy in particular because it mixes sound, professional advice with advice a close friend would give you. Perfect combination!

Seriously though, I feel like this topic is very common now. Everyone wants to be so casual, it seems, when what you really want is an exclusive relationship. I see so many women go along with a non-committed relationship to keep a partner in their lives. This can go on for years. Stop the madness! What will end up happening is he will find a woman he is ready to settle with (not you) and cut you out of his life. Here you are hoping he would suddenly realize that you wanted a commitment. He can’t read your mind! Honesty is always the best policy. Ladies (and men), please be up front about what you are looking for. If he is not ready for an exclusive relationship, move on. Otherwise, he’ll just string you along. Life is too short for that. Just be honest.

~Jana Leigh