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Anyway, here is another letter from Dear Prudence at Slate magazine, which you can find here.

My husband and I are in our mid-40s and have a 6-year-old child. He really wants a second child. I am open to the idea but not desperate for another baby. I am happy with and grateful for our family as it is. Because he so wants another child, we have tried for years, with assistance from fertility doctors. That’s not a particularly pleasant process. I’ve been pregnant many times and have lost every pregnancy. It’s all been grueling and painful, physically and emotionally. Now my husband wants to try using donor eggs, but I really do not want to. I just can’t get over the idea that I’d be having someone else’s baby, and I’m not interested. I’ve done everything I can, and nothing has worked. I can’t face any more miscarriages. I want to embrace our family of three and move on, but he can’t seem to let it go. Any suggestions? Am I being unreasonable?


—Through the Mill

Dear Through the Mill,

I would love to get my Pimp Hand and slap the sh*t out of your husband.  People keep saying that 40 is the new 20, but that’s a lie, especially when it comes to reproduction. A woman’s eggs can get “old.”  Plus, you’re in the mid 40’s.  That’s around menopause. This is when a woman’s body is saying, “Hey girl, let’s stop having babies and rest.”  Some men just don’t understand.  It may be because they don’t know what it’s like to give birth or experience a miscarriage.  That may be part of it, but your husband is also being selfish. He is putting his wants before your health and well-being.  Now, he is wanting you to do something to your body that you are not comfortable with at all.  smh  Please! Just let me slap him! Just one good time.  That’s all.

Honestly, I don’t condone violence, but you should definitely speak up for yourself.  This is YOUR BODY! You should be able to tell him no and that’s it.  He should be thankful for the healthy family he has and go on with his life.  So to answer your question, no, you are not being unreasonable.

Good luck to you.

~Jana Leigh

Please believe my Pimp Hand is strong. lol

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