Here is an interesting letter from the Strawberry Letter archive, which you can read here.

my husband of 15-years took naked pictures of me without my consent! Recently I went out with my girlfriends to celebrate a birthday. I had one too many drinks than my norm, so I called him to pick me up. When we got home I passed out. In the morning my husband teased me about passing out. While he was in the shower, something told me to look at the pictures in his cell phone because I remember hearing a snapping sound. He had taken 11 pictures of me. I usually sleep naked so the pictures were pretty x-rated. It was just not of me laying naked in bed, he went too far! This is not the first time. He did this to me last year and I demanded he not do it again! I usually don’t drink to pass out, but I would like to think that if I’m with my husband, I can trust him to take care of me like I would take care of him. We separated for a couple of months last year for other issues in our relationship and I took him back because he promised to come with me to a marriage retreat and counseling. But, I feel like we have not achieved anything this year. I don’t feel the same about him and this episode just made me really think about leaving him for good! He is a great father to our 14-year old son, but a controlling, disgusting husband! Please help. I am sick to my stomach.

Dear LW (Letter Writer),

I fail to see what is so appealing about this man.  I would’ve already left him in the dust. He seems like a sleazy, disgusting person. You say he is a great father to your son, but I just don’t believe that. From what you mentioned in the letter, he is not setting a good example for your son.  What kind of man takes x-rated pics of ANYONE while they are passed out?  That’s creepy.  What is he doing with these pics?  Is he showing them to others?  Why does he want them?  You said this is not the first time he’s done this.  That bothers me. Why does he wait until you are passed out? Sexual predators like opportunities like that.  If I were you, I would get my son and get away from him. First demand that he erase all of those pictures.  I would even see if there was any legal action you could take. Know your rights.

What a pig! Men like this make me so mad!

~Jana Leigh

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