This letter comes from Dear Prudence at Slate magazine, which you can read here.

My husband is self-employed. I work outside the home and supply our health insurance. For the past 15 years, whenever we file taxes he has the refund transferred to his personal account. The refund is money that my job has provided. This year we owe several thousand dollars. He wants me to pay half. I think he needs to cover it all after years of keeping refunds that he contributed nothing to. What do you think?


—Open-Wallet Marriage

Dear Open Wallet Marriage:

I DARE my imaginary husband to pull some sh*t like this. I double dog dare him. You let this go on for 15 YEARS!!! “Years”… plural of “year.” Why did you let this go on? And why did you let this go on for so long? He is not your pimp. He’s your husband!

I would tell, not ask, him to pay for it since he’s been taking your money and using the insurance YOU have provided. The IRS will take payments.  Stop letting him use you like that!  You worked hard for that money. Let me calm down. Got my blood pressure up.

~Jana Leigh

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