One night my sister went out with me and my best friend to a club. My best friend got so drunk and starting talking all loud. My sister overheard her talking about the time I told her about sleeping with her husband (her meaning my sister). I was surprised that my sister didn’t argue, fuss, or try to fight me that night. Instead she just looked at me while she finished her drink and then left the club.
After that happen I only seen my sister a few times, if we happen to show up at our parents house or something like that. She never wanted to talk about what was said at the club that night.

It wasn’t until about a year later when we were at a family function and she announced she was expecting a baby. I can’t say that I was happy about the news because even though I only slept with her husband once, I fell in love with him. My sister must have seen right through me because she caught me alone in the house and cornered me and told me she always seen the way I look at her husband and could tell I had feelings for him, but I couldn’t have him. She added that she haven’t forgotten about the what we did and how we betrayed her and not to think for a second that she let it go. She said if her husband had a brother she would have slept with him, since he doesn’t she ended up sleeping with his father, who (in her words) gave her the business, and could very well be the father of the baby she’s carrying and dared me to say anything.
Now the baby is here and I have to sit back and watch her husband be over the moon happy about having his first born son and worshiping the ground she walks on and I can’t say a word. Do you think I should spill the beans and tell my sister’s husband that the son he loves so much and is raising could be his little brother?

Confused, but still love him.

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Dear Confused,

You deserve every bit of treatment she has dished out.  I think she has actually taken it easy on you.  She could have embarrassed you in front of the family.  You have crossed so many boundaries here.  To be honest, I think you are jealous of your sister.  Your sister is supposed to be you best friend, your confidante, someone you can count on. You and her husband have ruined her trust.  Your sister is probably devastated.  I would never want my sister to feel this way.

Now you need to do some soul searching because the fact remains that you slept with your sister’s man.  Is your confidence so low that you think this is all you deserve?  There are plenty of other men out there you could date, but you want your sister’s man.  This is not the actions of a confident woman.  I suggest you meet with your sister and apologize for what you did.  She may forgive you.  She may not.  You have to accept that.  In the meantime, leave her husband alone.  Don’t text him.  Don’t call him.  NO communication what-so-ever.  To be honest, I don’t think you love him.  I think you love the idea of having a committed relationship.  Even if you did love him, he does not love you back.  It is time to end this infatuation. You are going to be an Aunt.  That is a very big responsibility.  One in which you may not get a chance to participate in because of your selfish actions.

Your sister has obviously decided to work things out with her husband.  I don’t believe her when she said she slept with her father-in-law.  She was probably just trying to shock you.  Which leads me to the answer to your question… No.  You should not tell her husband anything.  Just let it go.  That is between the two of them (your sister and her husband).

What you could do though, is take time each day to build your self-esteem and confidence.  Put little sticky notes on your mirror that say the things you like about yourself.  Read them out loud.  Write daily affirmations.  (This is something I like to do.)  I get my affirmations from here.  Just work on loving yourself.  You deserve to have your own husband and family.  Once you believe this, things will change in your life.

Good luck.

~Jana Leigh

I’m curious to know what you guys think about this situation.  I think the sister is getting off easy.  What do you think?