Ever since the beginning of November, the Grinch who lives deep inside of me has slowly been rising.  I hate the holidays!  Yes, I know that “hate” is a very strong word, so I might use “strongly dislike” instead.  Feel better now?  Ok. Back to me.

The only thing I really like about the holidays is the food.  That’s it.  People become very strange around the holidays.  They suddenly walk around all cheerful and super happy.  They want to hold hands and sing Cum Ba Ya or worse… sing Christmas songs. Ugh!  I refused to decorate my office this year, unlike my co-worker.  Her office looks like Santa threw up in it.  **eye roll**  Plus, she sings Christmas carols at the top of her lungs randomly throughout the day.  If only she knew all of the words to these songs….  Meanwhile, I’m stuck in my office looking like this:

annoyed 1

Then you have to deal with the decoration freaks when you leave the house.  I’m sure you have at least one neighbor who is a Christmas fanatic. Every inch of their front yard and house has some type of decoration on it. You know their electric bill has to be sky-high. If you want to celebrate electricity, then you go right ahead.


How do you even get in the front door???  No… just… no.

What really, reeeeeallly ticks me off are the people who what peace and happiness for all because they are feeling the Christmas spirit.  They want to be super nice and expect others to be super nice because it’s Christmas time.  Ok.  Well, Christmas is only one day out of the year.  How about being nice and respectful all of the other days in the year too?  Which I guarantee they won’t be.  After New Year’s day, they will go back to being their regular bitchy selves.  Peace and goodwill towards men will be long forgotten.  So you can keep your fake peace.  I’ll just sit by myself and be a Grinch.  I’m good with that.


Happy Holidays, you guys.

~Jana Leigh