I have been with my man for almost ten years.We have had our ups and downs but for the most part we’re good. So about almost three years ago a girl pops up and says she has a baby with my man. I confronted him and he said that he has no clue who she is and has never seen her and never cheated on me. The girl knew a lot of personal information about me and my children. He still claims that he doesn’t know her and that I’m crazy for believing it. How can I not believe it when she is sending me pictures of him with her baby and screenshot and messages between the both of them. She has sent child support papers to my house till this day she is still harassing me telling me that this is his baby. Every time I confront him about it till he tells me that he’s never cheated on me and that I’m crazy and childish I mean am i acting crazy or should I believe it I mean does any of this make sense to you please help me.
crazy or not

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Dear Crazy or Not,

Have you ever read something so painfully obvious that you are just stumped about what to say?  You do the weird eye squinting thing and think to yourself “How can someone be so ignorant?”  Well Crazy or Not, I’m having that moment right now after reading your question.  It’s so obvious he is lying to you.  You have blatant proof.  Crazy, you are trying your best to hold on to this perfect relationship fantasy that no matter what I say, you probably won’t believe it.  How can anyone be this gullible?

Is it Voodoo?  I don’t get it.  I’ve never dated a man who could scramble my logic and reasoning.  That’s not to say that such a man does not exist, but I highly doubt it.  Are you afraid of being alone?  Are you financially dependent on him?  I’m just trying to figure this out.

To answer your question…. Yes, he cheated on you, and the baby is his.  Now you can either stay and continue to ignore the signs or leave him.  It’s your choice.  Good luck to you.


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