After hearing what this woman (Melissa) had to say, I have some issues to discuss.  First of all, there is nothing wrong with being plus-sized.  There are so many gorgeous full-figured women walking around.  Contrary to popular belief, many of these women are very confident with themselves.  However, having a bunch of one night stands with strange men does not prove you’re confident.  Actually, it proves the opposite.  You are very insecure and have low self-esteem.  This behavior is so unhealthy and risky.  She brags about sleeping with good-looking men.

Here are quotes from her article, which you can read here.

I am fat and I have casual sex with strangers, attractive strangers even.

While every woman should feel empowered to say no, she should also feel equally empowered to say yes. Sometimes we meet for coffee, sometimes we go on an actual date, sometimes I go to their house and we are having sex within 15 minutes and sometimes they come to my hotel room at 2am and we bond over Louis C.K. and then laugh a lot and start going at it and it feels like old friends. It really just depends on the vibe I am getting and whatever is mutually agreed upon.

Sex doesn’t have to be a big deal. Sex doesn’t need to equal love for it to be mind blowing.

Having sex IS a big deal.  You are letting someone into your body. This person is intimately touching you in ways others don’t.  This person is seeing you at your most vulnerable.  Someone you don’t even know.  You don’t know his sexual history, if he’s married, if he’s violent, if he’s a sexual predator, or if he abuses drugs.  Sure they can tell you they’ve been tested for STD’s.  They can tell you that they’re not married.  They can pretend to be all nice.  The fact remains that YOU DON’T KNOW.  That is so scary.  How does having multiple strange sex partners prove confidence?  I’ll tell you about confidence.  I feel confident this behavior will lead you down a dangerous road.

Just because some of these men are handsome doesn’t prove anything.  What does it prove?  Who are you proving this to?  They can be hot and still freaking kill you!  And sure they’re nice to you.  They want sex from you and only sex, which leads me to another question.  Why do you think you’re only good enough for casual sex?  Why not a committed relationship?  These men you’re meeting only think about you when they’re horny.  If you’re so confident, why not find a boyfriend?  Honey, if you need sex with several strangers to validate you, you are in big trouble!

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Be safe out there, ladies.