Here is another one from the Steve Harvey morning show archives that is very interesting.  You can read it here.

Dear morning show,

I’ve been divorced for over five years and my ex-wife has since married.  The problem is that we are still sleeping together but when I went to her house to get some (cookie) I looked through the living room window and my little brother was getting some cookie (with milk).  We had an agreement that we would never date each other women past or present.  They don’t know I saw them.  Now weeks has past and I saw my brother creeping over again so I followed him and what I saw this time was worse.  He wasn’t getting cookies and milk.  He was getting it from the husband. I never knew that my brother was gay!!!! Should I tell her?

What the hell did I just read?  I mean it started out all wrong.  He’s sleeping with his ex-wife, who is now re-married.  Why? Why, sir, are you doing this?  You could be dating a woman who is not attached to anyone else and free to love just you, but you choose to bang your married ex-wife.  My guess is that you are not looking for a commitment.  If this is true, why don’t you just find a single woman who is willing to do that?  There are plenty of websites dedicated to just that- hook-ups and friends with benefits (FWB).  If you chose this route, I advise you to be very careful and use precaution.

Now let’s move on to the bi-sexual brother.  Not only did he break the sacred Bro Code by sleeping with your ex-wife, but he is sleeping with the ex-wife’s husband.  That was a twist I wasn’t ready for.  Now, you want to know if you should tell the wife.  No, you should not.  She is no longer your wife.  You two are just sex buddies.  Your brother on the other hand has some explaining to do.  He should not have been sleeping with your ex-wife.  In the mean time, I would end things with the ex-wife.  There is no telling who else she is sleeping with which increases chances of passing STD’s to everyone.  I would encourage you to get tested because it seems everyone in this situation has been loosey goosey with their bodies.  Please, respect yourself and your partner enough to use protection and be honest about your sexual history.

–Jana Leigh

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