I love watching The Young Turks on YouTube.  In fact, I have a secret crush on Cenk. **sighs**  They had a very good topic today about sexual preferences.  Some people are writing on their dating profiles “no blacks,” “no Asians,” and/or “no fatties.” I’ve always found this very offensive.  It’s hard enough being on a dating site in the first place, but then I have to put up with rude and racist comments.  It just seems like these idiots think they’re so superior to others.  Like women are throwing themselves at these douche bags.  Ok.  News flash!  If you had it like that, you would not be on a dating site in the first place.

I’m not saying that having a preference is wrong.  It’s your body.  You decide who gets to touch you.  Don’t put rude, sexist, racists comments.  That just proves to the world that you’re a jerk.

I myself like to be open-minded and find attractive men in all races. Just have fun and be respectful.  I do believe in karma.  You get back what you put into the universe.  If you’re being an asshole, can you imagine what will come back to you?

Here’s the video from YouTube.