Let’s admit it.  We’ve all dated or watched someone date a loser.  Sometimes I wonder which is worse: dating a loser or watching a loved one date a loser.  It’s so hard watching a friend or loved one suffer because they are dating a scumbag.  You have to sit back and either listen to excuses that explain his loser behavior, or you have to listen to constant complaining about his loser behavior.  Very frustrating.  Some people do not know they are dating a loser.  Totally clueless.  Well, help is on the way.  Here are 5 signs that the person you are dating needs to be dumped.  ASAP

  1. They have no job and no income.  If you are an able-bodied adult, you should be working.  There is no excuse for this.  You are too old to depend on others for money.  Make your own money.
  2. They take hours or days to text or call you back.  When a person is into you, they love receiving calls and messages from you.  They respect and value you enough to answer you back as soon as they can.
  3. You’ve dated them for at least 3 months and have never met their friends.  This is a red flag, especially when you see them on the phone with their friends.  This person may be playing you.  Actually, it’s almost a guarantee.  When someone cares for you, they love for you to meet their loved ones.  It shows that you are important in their life.
  4. They never keep their word.  If the person you are dating hardly ever does what they say they are going to do, they do not respect you.  You are not a priority in their life.  A boyfriend or girlfriend should be reliable.  If I need something, I should be able to depend on my significant other to help me.  That is a requirement.
  5. They put you down and/or talk you out of your goals.  Have you ever heard of “Misery loves company?”  Well, so do losers.  They hate when others are progressing in life.  Losers want you ignorant.  They are afraid that one day you might actually realize they are a jerk and will leave them.  You do not need someone dragging you down.

Don’t put up with a loser.  Dump them!  Quickly.  Know your worth.